Cruisair marine air conditioner troubleshooting

If you want your air conditioner to function for a long time and perform its functions well, it should be regularly cleaned and repaired. If your device has already broken down, look for the problem in the symptom table and look at the ways how it can be fixed.

TroubleProbable CauseSymptomsRemedy
Compressor fails to startPower source failureNo current at power sourceCheck for tripped circuit breaker
Faulty switch assemblyNo current at condensing unit terminal stripCheck for faulty switch
Low voltageCompressor tries to start & then cuts offCorrect power source
Faulty high pressure switchVoltage to switch but no voltage between the switch and compressorReplace high pressure switch
Faulty compressorUnit draws locked rotor amp. (locked rotor amp found on data plate)Replace compressor
Compressor cycles every 15 to 30 secondsLow voltageCompressor’s thermal overload opensCorrect power source
Incorrect refrigerant chargeExcessive head pressure
Restricted condenser air flowExcessive head pressure. High pressure switch opensCorrect condenser air flow
High pressure switch incorrectly setSwitch opens before 425 psig head pressureReplace high pressure switch
System not coolingSwitch assembly not set properly or thermostat satisfiedVentilation operation onlySet switch and thermostat at correct selection
No or restricted air flowCompressor cycles quicklyCheck for restricted condenser air flow
System low on refrigerantCompressor suction line warmCheck refrigerant charge
Thermostat satisfiedCompressor runs for short time and then cycles offReset thermostat to desired level. Calibrate if necessary
Iced cooling unitRestricted air flowRestricted discharge air flowClean return air filter & check for air flow restrictions
Low refrigerant chargeCompressor suction line warmCheck refrigerant charge
Blower or fan motor inoperativePower source failureNo current at power systemCheck for tripped circuit breaker
Low voltageHot motor. Motor thermal/electric protector openCheck power source
Faulty switch assemblyNo power to motorReplace faulty switch
Cooling unit throwing water out of discharge grillBlocked or restricted condensate drainExcessive water out of discharge grillCheck for condensate drain restrictions