Cruisair air conditioner troubleshooting

If the air conditioner stopped working, try to turn it off completely for a while – simply give it a “rest”, and then switch it on again. If the correct operation is not restored, look for the list of malfunctions in the table below.

Cruisair Cuddy DC air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CauseAction
Unit will not operate1. Plug disconnected from receptacle or unit1. Connect firmly
2. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker2. Replace fuse with time delay type; or reset breaker, check for adequate size (minimum 15 amps at 115V & 10 amps at 220V)
3. Thermostat set incorrectly3. Adjust thermostat to cooler setting
Air from unit does not feel cool enough in cool mode1. Selector switch on FAN1. Move to COOL
2. Thermostat set incorrectly2. Turn clockwise to cooler setting.
3. Boat temperature below 70° F3. Cooling may not begin until boat is above 70°
4. Air intakes on heat exchanger blocked or restricted.4. Be certain all air intake vents are clear of hatch bag or other obstructions.
Carry-On operating, but cabin failing to cool1. Dirty air filter1. Clean filter
2. Thermostat set too cold for night time cooling and the evaporator coil has frozen2. Turn selector switch to FAN position for three minutes and reset thermostat to a warmer setting or use hair dryer to thaw coil
3. Air intakes on heat exchanger blocked or restricted.3. Be certain all air intake vents are clear of hatch bag or other obstructions.
Carry-On turns compres- sor on and off rapidly1. Dirty air filter1. Clean air filter
2. Outside temperature extremely hot2. Turn to HI COOL
Water dripping inside cabin through hatch1. Improper installation1. Tilt Carry-On to accommodate angle of condensate drain
2. Condensate drain blocked2. Clean out condensate drain
3. Bag over condensate drain3. Adjust bag to clear drain
4. Blockage in hose4. Clear hose; check downhill routing of hose; You may connect a 3/8" I.D. plastic hose to the condensate drain and send that water overboard.
Water dripping outside on weatherdeck1. Condensate drain-normal1. Drains are provided to allow rainwater to drain; Some drainage may occur due to water condensing in compressor spaces
2. Compressor area-normal

Cruisair DX air conditioner troubleshooting

TroubleProbable CauseSymptomsRemedy
Compressor fails to startPower source failureNo current at power sourceCheck for tripped circuit breaker
Faulty switch assemblyNo current at condensing unit terminal stripCheck for faulty switch
Low voltageCompressor tries to start & then cuts offCorrect power source
Faulty high pressure switchVoltage to switch but no voltage between the switch and compressorReplace high pressure switch
Faulty compressorUnit draws locked rotor amp. (locked rotor amp found on data plate)Replace compressor
Compressor cycles every 15 to 30 secondsLow voltageCompressor’s thermal overload opensCorrect power source
Incorrect refrigerant chargeExcessive head pressureSee refrigerant charge instructions
Restricted condenser air flowExcessive head pressure. High pressure switch opensCorrect condenser air flow
High pressure switch incorrectly setSwitch opens before 425 psig head pressureReplace high pressure switch
System not coolingSwitch assembly not set properly or thermostat satisfiedVentilation operation onlySet switch and thermostat at correct selection
No or restricted air flowCompressor cycles quicklyCheck for restricted condenser air flow
System low on refrigerantCompressor suction line warmCheck refrigerant charge
Thermostat satisfiedCompressor runs for short time and then cycles offReset thermostat to desired level. Calibrate if necessary
Iced cooling unitRestricted air flowRestricted discharge air flowClean return air filter & check for air flow restrictions
Low refrigerant chargeCompressor suction line warmCheck refrigerant charge
Blower or fan motor inoperativePower source failureNo current at power systemCheck for tripped circuit breaker
Low voltageHot motor. Motor thermal/electric protector openCheck power source
Faulty switch assemblyNo power to motorReplace faulty switch
Cooling unit throwing water out of discharge grillBlocked or restricted condensate drainExcessive water out of discharge grillCheck for condensate drain restrictions

Cruisair Zephyr air conditioner troubleshooting

ProblemPossible Reason/Solution
System will not start.1. Air conditioner circuit breaker is off. Turn circuit breaker on at ship’s panel.
2. Wiring at terminal strip is miswired (VAC unit only). Check wiring diagram; correct if necessary.
3. Input line voltage is insufficient (VAC unit only). Check power source for proper voltage. Check wiring and terminals for proper sizes and connections.
4. Cuddy dc plugs are not connected tightly (DC unit only). Check polarized plugs from unit to pump, power module, and control. There should be an audible “snap” when plugs go together.
5. Batteries are not fully charged (DC unit only). Turn Cuddy dc unit off and charge battery bank.
6. DC power wires are incorrectly sized (DC unit only). See the “Electrical System and Wiring for DC Powered Cuddy dc” section of this manual. Ensure that DC power wires are sized and connected correctly.
7. Dedicated Power Module (DPM) is in lockout mode (DC unit only).
The DPM has a protective overload lockout feature that will cause it to shutdown in case of a problem. When this occurs, turn Cuddy dc off and wait 2 minutes before turning back on. If that does not solve the problem, then continue reading:
a) If DPM has overheated (>167°F [75°C]) then ensure that it has at least one inch of air space above unit for, and is in an area that provides, proper ventilation.
b) If compressor has overheated then check water pump, strainer and hoses. When operating properly, there should be a steady stream of water from the overboard dis- charge. Strainer may need cleaning. Ensure that hoses are not kinked or restricted in some other way. Pump should come on with the compressor when control is set to RUN.
c) If refrigerant pressure is too high, then turning the system off for 2 minutes should correct that by allowing pressure to equalize. Note: Turning the Cuddy dc on and off too quickly may cause a high-pressure shutdown. During normal operation wait at least 2 minutes from the time control is turned off until it is turned back on.
No cooling.1. Selector knob may not be in “cool” position. Reset selector knob.
2. Temperature set point is above ambient temperature. Lower temperature setting.
3. Obstructed water flow. Clean seawater strainer. Check for good steady flow from overboard discharge.
4. Pump may be air locked. Remove hose from pump discharge to purge air from line.
5. Coil iced. See below.
Coil iced.1. Thermostat set point is too low. Check setting on temperature knob. If setting is extreme for conditions, raise set point.
2. Improper air flow. Clean return air filter or remove obstructions from return air stream. Check for crushed or restricted ducting. Ducting run must be as straight as possible; remove any excess ducting.
Short cycling compressor.Cold supply air returning directly to return air grill. Redirect supply air so that it is not directed into the return air stream.
System runs continuously.1. Port hole or hatch open. Close all port holes and hatches.
2. Thermostat setting is excessive for conditions. Raise thermostat setting to cycle compressor.

Cruisair Marine air conditioner troubleshooting

The unit will not operate at all.Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Replace fuse with time delay type or reset breaker. Check for correct sizing.
Low voltage to unit. Check shoreside power supply and rating of electrical power cord to boat.
Air from the unit does not feel cool (or warm in the heating mode).The selector switch is set for FAN only. Switch the system into the cooling or heating mode.
The thermostat is set incorrectly. Set the thermostat for a cooler or warmer setting.
Water flow is restricted. Clear restriction. Clean strainer.
The unit operates but the cabin fails to cool normally.Dirty air filter. Clean lint screen or air filter.
The thermostat is set too high. Reset the thermostat to a cooler setting.
The evaporator has iced. Turn the system to FAN only for 5 minutes, then restart.
Compressor cycles on and off.Dirty air filter. Clean lint screen or air filter.
Water flow restriction. Clear restriction. Clean strainer.
Water dripping inside cabin.Condensate drain is clogged. Clean out drain holes.
Blockage in hose. Clear hose. Check downhill routing of hose.