Cruisair air conditioner error codes

Conditioners help users detect faults by displaying error codes. Please, check the tables below, which contain lists of error code. Each code has a description, which explains a possible cause of the problem and ways of dealing with it.

Pressures Suction/Discharge SymptomsPossible Cause
NormalNormalSuction line sweating w/droplets up to compressor Proper charged system
Compressor warm on top & hot on bottom
Temp differential across cooling coil is 16-20° F
LowLowSuction line cool, not sweating Low on charge
Compressor hot on top and bottom
Cooling coil temp, differential low
System drawing very low amps
Suction line has small beads of moisture No load due to low evaporator temp.
Compressor is cool to cold & may be sweating
Normal to high cooling coil temp, differential
LowHighSuction line cool to cold with frost or no sweat Kinked refrigerant line Blockage in refrigerant line
May have frost line at point of blockage Low charge/no condensing
Compressor hotNon-condensable in refrig- erant (air or moisture)
Compressor may draw high amps
Cooling coil temp, differential low
HighLowSuction line ambient to coolDefective component faulty comp, valves or reversing valve
Compressor is warm
Compressor draws low amps
Cooling coil temp, differential is low
System exhibits marginal to zero performance
Rapid rise in suction pressure & moderate rise
in head pressure when condenser air is blocked
HighHighSuction line cool to ambient No condensing of refrigerant
Compressor warm
Cooling coil temp, differential low
Compressor may trip circuit breaker
Suction line cool to ambientHigh load caused by hot living area temp, or high outside air
Compressor warm
Cooling coil temp, differential high