Hi! My name is Bryan Moore. I am 60. I have been working as an air conditioner repair professional since 1994. I live in Sandpoint, Idaho, where I moved in 2000. Having spent a holiday here, I fell in love with this peaceful lake city, so I did not hesitate to relocate here with my family. Almost immediately, I found a job in an appliance repair company, where I am still working. We have a pretty small community here, I work with the same clients for years.

There is not much work for me in winter, so I have plenty of time. One day, I decided to create a website about ACs. Here are the two primary reasons.

1) To eliminate unnecessary visits

Many issues are pretty easy to resolve. In fact, it takes me only a couple of minutes. One day, I had to travel to a distant household only to discover the air conditioner was not working because it was… unplugged! Not a joke! You cannot charge much for plugging in an AC, can you?

So, I decided to make up a simple guide that will help my clients figure out the simplest issues on their own and only call me when there is a serious malfunction.

2) To answer the questions my clients often ask me

My clients (and friends) keep asking me the same things. For instance, “What type of air filter should I buy for my air conditioner?” or “Which manufacturer do you recommend?” (when we discover the AC system needs to be replaced). These questions are not simple, they cannot be answered in a couple of sentences as each brand and each type of filter has its pros and cons. Our timeframe makes me be too superficial in my answers, which does not satisfy me.

For years, I kept answering such questions again and again until I realized that it would be much easier just to answer them once and forever in a blog and then refer my clients to that post.

I also write about things I am professionally interested in: new trends, new types of air conditioners, new brands and products, etc.