AUX air conditioner troubleshooting

If the air conditioner does not switch on, there might simply be no voltage or the batteries on the remote controller might be dead. There are many simple malfunctions that can be fixed quickly and without any additional help. Look at the list of the malfunctions below.

AUX ALCA-HR1AA air conditioner troubleshooting

Problem Causing explanation
High outside temperature and too many indoor individuals, even air conditioner runs at full-load operation, the wind blowing out from air outlet is cold, but it is difficult to lower the indoor temperature, this is not malfunction.When the outdoor temperature is higher, more heat penetrates into indoor space, which increases the cooling load of AC. If there are too many individuals(for example 10 individuals) and every individual gives off 120W, totally 1200W, this will running out of half of AC cooling capacity, and the unit’s cooling capacity this time is far from enough, indoor temperature is hard to lower down. It is normal phenomenon and do not mean useless of AC.
Power voltage is too low, causing AC uneasy to start and shut down after starting, or fuse be burned out etc.It is not malfunction, need to find out the causing, if the causing is the electricity net voltage is too low, user should load a power manostat to keep voltage between 220V-380V for AC normally running
Select high wind speed but indoor temperature still at high side, air flow from the air outlet is too weak.It is because air filter is too dirty or blocked making cooling capacity fail to be brought by air flow, causing cooling capacity inadequate. Take out filter and wash, the problem will be solved.
Select high wind speed, the vibration and sound of unit are severe.Fan runs at high speed, severe vibration and sound of unit is normal phenomenon
Temperature controller adjusts improper and max cooling capacity is not utilized completely, thus indoor temperature can’t lower down.Adjust the temperature controller, and problem will be solved.
As for Heat pump air conditioner heating effect is not ideal during cold winter, this is normal phenomenon.The lowest temperature is — 7°C when heating, below this temperature unit cannot heat effectively.
Improper installation will lead to indoor temperature uneven or bad cooling effect.It is necessary to adjust AC installation position

AUX E&H Series air conditioner troubleshooting

The motor is heard operating but the air-conditioner dose not work when the indoor unit is powered onSince the air-conditioner is powered on, it will come to working condition as long as you press the ON/OFF button of the remote control and the Signal is well received.
The compressor stops running but the indoor fan motor keeps working when it is at cooling mode with the indoor temperature higher than set temperature.If you turn off the air-conditioner and restart it immediately, it will return to normal in 3 minutes, after that, the air-conditioner will automatically adjust the indoor fan speed to what you set.
The compressor works discontinuously at dehumidifying mode.The air-conditioner will automatically control the working of the compressor according to the inside temperature
The air-conditioner does not work while the LED display is on.The TIMER is set with the air-conditioner; it will be in hold on condition. If the TIMER setting is cancelled, the air-conditioner will return to normal working condition
The compressor works discontinuously at cooling and dehumidifying mode, and the indoor fan motor slows down.The compressor stops internally or the fan motor slows down to prevent the indoor heat exchanger from being frozen.

AUX EA Series air conditioner troubleshooting

When the power plug of indoor unit insert the socket for the first time, sound can be heard but the air-condition doesn't work.This means the conditioner is on power. Press the on/off button on the remote controller, when the air conditioner receives the signal, it will work
In the cooling mode, room temperature is above the set temperature. Compressor doesn't work, but the indoor fan runs.While the air conditioner is turned off. it takes 3 minutes delay to restart it. When the air conditioner is reelectrified, it's the same case. While compressor delays 3 minutes, the air conditioner can regulate the wind speed in the room according to the set speed.
The compressor will not function continuously in the mode of dehumidify.In the mode of dehumidification. the work state of compressor will be controlled automatically according to indoor temperature.
When the LED light is on. the air conditioner does not work.The timer is in a state of timing, and air conditioner is in readiness for action. If the timing is cancelled, the air conditioner will get back to work.
In the cooling and dehumidification mode, it doesn't work continuously, and the speed of indoor fan engine slows down. Function, and indoor engine fan electromotor speed reductionThe interval of compressor or the slow-down of wind speed is to protect the indoor heat exchanger from freezing.
One of indoor unit works normally.but one of indoor unit has no response to signals of remote controller.One of indoor unit works as cooling or dehumidification mode.another one indoor unit cann’t work as heating mode.The mean is that the indoor unit with heating mode couldn’t receive single from remote controlle.