American Comfort air conditioner troubleshooting

If the air conditioner has broken down, it is not always necessary to call the service center. In some situations, you can fix the problem yourself. Read about the main malfunctions and ways how to fix them in the table below.

The air conditioner does not function.No power supply. Make sure the green light on the plug is lit.Connect to a functioning outlet and switch on. See below for Plug and Reset button application.
Is the power light ashing? Is the water full LED lit?Empty the water container.
The air conditioner does not seem to perform.The unit is in direct sunlight.Close curtains/shades
Windows or doors open, many people or a heat source in the room.Close doors and windows. Unit is not made to cool server rooms, sun rooms, or any rooms generating a constant
The filter is dirty.Clean the filter.
Air inlet or air outlet blocked.Power off the unit and unplug from outlet. Remove blockage.
Room temperature lower than the selected value.Change temperature selection. Set at the lowest possible setting: 60?F.
The unit is noisy.Unit stands uneven.Place on an even, solid surface (less vibrations).
The compressor does not work.The overheat protection may be activated.Wait 30 minutes until the temperature has decreased, then turn on the unit again.
The remote control does not function.Distance too great.Make sure the remote control is correctly aimed at the control panel.
Remote control signal not detected by the control panel.
The batteries are drained.Check batteries on remote.