Advent air conditioner troubleshooting

Is the water dripping from the air conditioner? Is there an unpleasant smell or any sounds during its operation? Some problems are easily fixed with your own hands. The table below will show you the main causes for the failure of the air conditioner and ways how to eliminate them.

ErDip Switch position incorrectSet Dip switches to correct position on back of Thermostat
ElRoom Temp Sensor DefectReplace Thermostat
E2Indoor Coil Temp Sensor DefectCheck wire connections and ensure sensor is properly installed. Replace Sensor
E3Outdoor Coil Temp Sensor Defect
E4Outdoor Ambient Temp Sensor Defect
E5Communication Defect with T-Stat and Relay KitCheck wire connections at T-Stat and relay kit
LoDC voltage is below 10 Volts (+/- 0.5V)Check wire connections and ensure DC voltage is above 10 volts
dFIndoor or Outdoor coil is frozenSystem is deicing and cannot be used for 35 minutes and will restart automatically