Acson air conditioner error codes

Acson air conditioner error codes

Almost all air conditioners are equipped with self-diagnosis systems. They check conditioner’ operability and, if a fault is detected, notify users. Notifications appear as codes on the display screen located in the indoor unit and/or remote control unit.

Acson 5CEE Series air conditioner error codes

NoEventCDF LEDTimer LEDOthers LEDsError Code
1Room sensor open or shortBlink 1 time-Blink FanBlink El
2Indoor coil sensor openBlink 2 times-Blink SleepBlink E2
3Outdoor coil sensor openBlink 3 times-Blink DryBlink E3
4Compressor overload/ Indoor coil sensor short/ Outdoor coil sensor shortBlink 1 timeBlink CoolBlink E4
5Gas leakBlink 3 timesBlink Cool & DryBlink E5
6Water pump faultBlink 2 timesBlink Cool & FanBlink E6
7Outdoor defrost-Blink Heat-
8Outdoor coil sensor exist (MS model)Blink 5 timesBlink Cool & HeatBlink E7
9Hardware error (tact switch pin short)Blink 6 timesBlink Heat, Cool, follow by Fan, DryBlink E8

FaultCauses / Action
1. The compressor does not operate 3 minutes after the air conditioner unit is started.- Protection against frequent starting. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes for the compressor to start operating.
2. The air conditioner unit does not operate.- Power failure, or the fuse needs to be replaced.
- The power plug is disconnected.
- It is possible that your delay timer has been set incorrectly.
- If the fault persist after all these verifications, please contact the air conditioner unit installer.
3. The air flow is too low.- The air filter is dirty.
- The doors or windows are open.
- The air suction and discharge are clogged.
- The regulated temperature is not high enough.
4. Discharge air flow has bad odor.- Odors may be caused by cigarettes, smoke particles, perfume etc. which might have adhered onto the coil.
5. Condensation on the front air grille of the indoor unit.- This is caused by air humidity after an extended long period of operation.
- The set temperature is too low, increase the temperature setting and operate the unit at high fan speed.
6. Water flowing out from the air conditioner unit.- Switch off unit and call dealer.
7. Hissing air flow sound from the air conditioner unit during operation.- Refrigerant fluid flowing into the evaporator coil.

Acson AWM air conditioner error codes

1Indoor Sensor ErrorOFFOFFBlinking
2Indoor Pump ErrorOFFBlinkingOFF
3Communication ErrorBlinkingOFFOFF
4Outdoor Sensor ErrorOFFBlinkingBlinking
5Compressor OverloadBlinkingOFFOFF
6Pressure Switch TripOFFBlinking
7Pressure Sensor ErrorBlinkingON
8System FailureBlinking
9OthersON ON

EOSystem malfunction
E1Sensor Broken (TH1 discharge Temp.)
E2Sensor Broken (TH2 inlet coil 1#)
E3Sensor Broken (TH3 mid coil 1#)
E4Sensor Broken (TH4 inlet coil 2#)
E5Sensor Broken (TH5 mid coil 2#)
E6Sensor Broken (TH6 inlet coil 3#)
E7Sensor Broken (TH7 mid coil 3#)
E8Sensor Broken (TH8 ambient temp)
E9Sensor Broken (TH9 outlet coil)
EASensor Broken (TH10 subcool outlet)
EBSensor Broken (TH11 subcool suction)
ECSensor Broken (TH12 suction)
EFEmergency Run
FOOutdoor Storage Malfunction
F1Sensor Broken (indoor inlet coil)
F2Sensor Broken (indoor mid coil)
F3Sensor Broken (indoor outlet coil)
F4Sensor Broken (indoor return air)
F5Sensor Broken (indoor supply air)
F6Indoor and controller communication malfunction
F7Ambient temp exceed the limit
F84WV malfunction
F9Refrigerant leakage
FAController storage malfunction
FBWater Pump (indoor water pump)
FCIndoor and outdoor communication malfunction
FEOutdoor master and slave communication malfunction
HODigital comp overload
H1Fixed Compl overload
H2Fixed Comp2 overload
H3Fixed Comp3 overload
H4High pressure too high
H5Sensor broken, high pressure
H6Discharge temp too high
LOSuper heat too low
L1Low pressure too low
L2Sensor broken, low pressure
10System malfunction
11Sensor broken (slave TH1 discharge temp)
12Sensor broken (slave TH2 inlet coil 1#)
13Sensor Broken (slave TH3 mid coil 1#)
14Sensor broken (slave TH4 inlet coil 2#)
15Sensor broken (slave TH5 mid coil 2#)
16Sensor broken (slave TH6 inlet coil 3#)
17Sensor broken (slave TH7 mid coil 3#)
18Sensor broken (slave TH8 ambient temp)
19Sensor broken (slave TH9 outlet coil)
1ASensor broken (slave TH10 subcool outlet)
1BSensor broken (slave TH11 subcool suction)
1CSensor Broken (slave TH12 suction)
1FEmergency run (slave)
20Outdoor storage (slave)
27Ambient temp exceed the limit (slave)
284WV malfunction (slave)
29Refrigerant leakage (slave)
30Digital comp overload (slave)
31Fixed compl overload (slave)
32Fixed comp2 overload (slave)
33Fixed comp 3 overload (slave)
34High pressure too high (slave)
35Sensor broken, high pressure (slave)
36Discharge temp too high (slave)
40Super heat too low (slave)
41Low pressure too low (slave)
42Sensor broken, low pressure (slave)